From the first telephone contact, Jay Price Bail Bonding Company gathers information about our potential client, their family, the indemnitor and the contact person. Most important is the defendant’s history. Jay Price Bonding Company provides bonds only for defendants whose release is no public danger. For defendants considered dangerous or “high risk," continued incarceration is essential for the well being of the defendant, their family and the public.

As bail agents, we operate in the public trust. Each defendant we release receives oral and written instructions on their obligation under our bond. Each receives a court date card, a list of suggestions for a successful pre-trial waiting period and rules they must follow. We discuss these until all questions are answered to ensure that the defendant fully understands. The defendant must comply.

Sometimes a bond needs special restrictions. These are made with the agreement of the defendant and with family support. They are designed to replace bad habits that lead to further crime with habits that develop self-esteem and healthy lives. Restrictions might include a curfew for a young adult, alcohol limits and/or encouragement to attend alcoholics anonymous for D.W.I., counseling and/or narcotics or cocaine drug centers for known drug users. Encouragement has positive effects upon our clients, and many may become productive citizens. With this as our goal, we promote family unity as much as possible, and no penalty occurs if the defendant does not keep the restrictions. Our intent is not to punish our clients, but to help them.

If the defendant fails to go to court on any assigned court date while on bond, we contact the attorney on record and the family within the week of the forfeiture notice. If advisable, we encourage re-instatement of the bond. However, if the defendant is out of the jurisdiction of the court, we locate our client and arrange re-arrest. Our files include work history, habits, friends, relatives, criminal and military history as well as a recent photo. We make every effort to see that the defendant is brought to justice.

As a private bonding company, Jay Price Bail Bonding Company renders a valuable public service at no cost to the taxpayer. Both the public and the defendant benefit when the defendant covers the cost of the crime offense. Also, remember that an attorney of your choice who has been paid in full is always your best defense.